A large audience was hosted at MSL in Lower Hutt on Tuesday 22nd May to celebrate World Metrology Day.  The NZ MSA committee alongside MSL created a full day programme with a variety of talks, workshops, lab tour options and the much valued networking opportunities.

At 110 attendees this was the largest audience assembled for an MSA event since Queenstown 2015.  It has proven the strength of the MSA within NZ and the great relationship with MSL, where combining forces is making great inroads towards raising the profile of metrology throughout NZ industry and government agencies.

A focus of the programme was the SI redefinition and the revised ISO 17025.  Murray Early (MSL) gave a light hearted talk outlining the history of the SI and the reason for the Redefinition.  Claire Jongenelen (IANZ) spoke to the audience about the 17025 changes and what accredited labs needed to be aware of as the changes take effect in July. Also presented were learning opportunities specifically targeted to labs about validating technical methods and determining calibration intervals as well as lab assessment preparation. 

Attendees, while mainly from labs throughout NZ also included many representatives from government agencies with a direct link to the NZ measurement infrastructure or those showing a desire to understand the impact metrology has for industry.

Feedback has proven extremely positive and indicates a need to keep the momentum going with more regular events and activities leading into the launch of the redefined SI on World Metrology Day 2019 and beyond to MSA 2020. We urge members to get involved, for example talk about metrology within your networks and promote membership. If you have some ideas on what type of events and activities you’d be interested in let us know - secretary@metrology.asn.au