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The MSA is an association of professional metrologists, engineers, scientists, technicians and measurement experts throughout Australia, New Zealand and around the world, who measure, evaluate, calibrate, maintain, educate, train, design, sell, invent and develop measurement technologies and research the Science and Art of Metrology.

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MSA Conference - Wellington, NZ 20-23 February 2023   

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It is now less than three months until MSA2023 and the NZ committee are looking forward to having our community come together again in Wellington.  The final call for abstracts ends on Tuesday 29th Nov so don't delay if you want the opportunity to present any advancement, update and/or story from the past 3 years. MSA2023 will be the best value for money and investment of your time with so many opportunities all in one place over three days. Register now to take advantage of standard fees until 9 January 2023. Read more in the November Newsletter.

The MSA2023 organising committee are pleased to introduce our guest speakers.  

The MSA2023 organising committee extend the call for papers to 10th October.  MSA Exec invites all members to attend (virtually) a Special Meeting on Monday 10th October to vote on deferring the AGM to the Conference in Wellington.  Vote by proxy is welcomed. The MSA Exec also acknowledge with sadness the passing of MSA Vice President Tom Elliott.  Get all the details in the September newsletter here.

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