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Welcome to the Metrology Society of Australia!
The MSA is an association of professional metrologists, engineers, scientists, technicians and measurement experts throughout Australia, who measure, evaluate, calibrate, maintain, educate and train, design, sell, invent and develop measurement technologies and the Science and Art of Metrology. The Society hold a biennial conference, and holds talks, evenings and social events to promote the professional development of its members and to promote the practice and interests of good measurement practice.

Metrology News

Job vacancy at ANSTO

The MSA has been approached by Mark Reinhard of ANSTO to alert the measurement community of a vacancy.
"ANSTO have an ongoing position available within the Activity Standards Laboratory for a senior radionuclide metrology scientist (see here). We are happy to speak with anybody experienced in metrology although a physics or chemistry background is likely to be the best preparation." Interested members should enquire with ANSTO directly via the link above or the appropriate listing at http://anstocareers.nga.net.au

World Metrology Day 2014

May 20 is World Metrology Day, commemorating the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875. This treaty provides the basis for a coherent measurement system worldwide.

The theme for World Metrology Day this year is "Measurements and the global energy challenge".

2014 Poster

MSA Consultant Dr. John Miles delivers "Chartered Metrologist" Review

On 18th November, Dr. John Miles formally delivered his review of the way in which the Metrology Society of Australia might recognise professional expertise in Metrology.

A system for ensuring and signifying the quality of metrologists needs to be established in Australia.

It has been proposed that the best way for this to occur is for the MSA to introduce a Chartered Metrologist category. 

However use of the term "Chartered" is problematical so it may be more pragmatic to use our existing member category of "Fellow" fo rthis purpose.

Read the full report (pdf 59kb).

New website feature for members seeking metrology assistance:

In the members section, a new button has been added, called "Seeking Advice", where members can request advice from other members.

Metrology in Daily Life

A video produced by the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands for World Metrology Day 2013

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